Friday, November 5, 2010

The restroom, potty, bathroom

the toilet, the latrine, powder room, the crapper and commonly known around here as the "office".

It's where it all began, which is "funny" since the crapper was where my marriage, my life, my body and my relationship with my kids was sitting. Two weeks into June, I was sitting contemplating my life and how completely unhappy I had been. I looked around my house, I started noticing that I felt as bad as my house looked. I could visibly see things that needed to be repaired and changed and feeling completely hopeless. I decided that something needed to change even if it was the smallest room in the house. I NEEDED to feel good about something. I drove to Lowes and picked up a gallon of paint and started painting. Half way through, Larry came home and helped me finish painting and everything started changing at that moment....for the good.

Bathroom before.

Bathroom After

What we did:
added new towel holder
3 pictures
added trim around the mirror
painted gold and wood light fixture

What we still need to do:
Replace the bathroom door
Replace floor moulding
New door handle
New faucet
MAYBE paint the cabinet

White primer $0 left over from former project.
1/2 gallon paint $10.00
Towel Holder $22.98
3 pictures $11.97
Trim around mirror $0 used our old floor moulding
Door $34

We started out just doing the basics of painting and adding a new towel holder and something about doing that made us start dreaming about what it is that we would REALLY like to do not just in the bathroom but throughout the house and that's where we came up with our dream book which I'll go into in my next post.

Even though we aren't technically finished with the bathroom, it's finished enough and made me feel so good that it kept me motivated to move to more projects which moved us to bigger projects that moved us to tearing down a wall, ripping out our old kitchen and replacing everything in our kitchen except our dishwasher. It's amazing what a small room can do. It also made me and Larry work as a team for the first time in our marriage and with happy parents come happy kids.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update and a warning. VERY picture heavy.

Yeah, I know it's been a while but even though I've been busy with life, Mr. T. has still been busy with the house. Most of this was done back in September, we are kind of down to the detail stuff that is more time consuming but we are getting there. :) It's so exciting to see this house transform. It makes me happy and I love being at home even more than I did before which is really hard to believe since I'm the most homebodiest person I know.

Modeling is brought to you buy Nikita Banana.

Here it is.
Before Hall
After Hall
Before Family Room
After Family Room and the doors that are for the bathroom, laundry room and coat closet.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After!!!!!!

Before Dining Room with the wall separating the dining room and Kitchen

After Dining Room and our unfinished chairs. projects projects projects.

Before Living Room

After Living Room

Yeah...I'm keeping it real. Our coat closet looks like this ALL. THE. TIME. But we will be fixing that when we put in our little mud room area in the family room.

There you have it. I hope to have time to go into more detail about what we've done and what we have plans to do.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where does the time go???

Work on the house has slowed down. Stupid work, freakin hot days with a broken a/c, a bazillion loads of laundry and having to clean off the layer of dust/dirt off of EVERYTHING has totally gotten in the way but we are making progress! YAY!

I have a living room! We still have some things to do but we have floor space and a couch that we can sit on. The floor is finished and painting is done, we just have to put in the new door for the closet and the floor trim and we'll be done...well with the important stuff then I'll be forced to decorate which is totally not my gift. ugh.
A sampling of the new trim going in. I love it.
The style of doors that we are using. Sadly, the handles cost more than the doors so we'll be buying them slowly but I'm excited to get rid of our old plain basic model doors.

The little doggies are living in here till we can make room in the family room for their crate. They really are happy...just a little camera shy...or shocked.

The dining room table is still in here and the chairs are still in the master bedroom but we are getting closer to getting the dining room cleared and having a place for it. YAY!
The dining room...
It's uh...getting there. We are having to store the flooring and wood cutting stuff in here till we finish the flooring in the family room but that is a whole other issue. We would have to move stuff that is sitting in there and's this huge circle of mess. But I feel good, we are getting closer plus school is starting soon so of course I feel good.

The Kitchen.
AHHHHH the kitchen. How I love you! Mr. T and I find ourselves hanging out here a lot....just to hang out. I love cooking in here, I can't believe I'm saying this but I do!!! LOVE! Everything has a place and a place for everything. In fact we have empty drawers and cupboards. It feels totally amazing to me to have this "problem". We are slowly bringing in things that we've had to store in the garage inside and finding a proper home for them. I love it!

I'll just give you a sampling. Even though Mr. T is done with his part (he did an amazing job!!!!) , I still have to paint and add tile which is still a month or so away....stupid budgets. But I'm so proud of us for staying in our budget for this kitchen. I really didn't think we could do it but we did and it looks amazing!

My kitchen aid looks fabulous in here. Try to ignore all the stuff piled in the family room. haha