Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update and a warning. VERY picture heavy.

Yeah, I know it's been a while but even though I've been busy with life, Mr. T. has still been busy with the house. Most of this was done back in September, we are kind of down to the detail stuff that is more time consuming but we are getting there. :) It's so exciting to see this house transform. It makes me happy and I love being at home even more than I did before which is really hard to believe since I'm the most homebodiest person I know.

Modeling is brought to you buy Nikita Banana.

Here it is.
Before Hall
After Hall
Before Family Room
After Family Room and the doors that are for the bathroom, laundry room and coat closet.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After!!!!!!

Before Dining Room with the wall separating the dining room and Kitchen

After Dining Room and our unfinished chairs. projects projects projects.

Before Living Room

After Living Room

Yeah...I'm keeping it real. Our coat closet looks like this ALL. THE. TIME. But we will be fixing that when we put in our little mud room area in the family room.

There you have it. I hope to have time to go into more detail about what we've done and what we have plans to do.


  1. WOW!!!! I'm gonna surprise you one of these days, and come over to see this in person. WOW!!!!!!!

  2. I was just thinking about you and wondering how your house projects were going. Everything looks awesome!! You guys are quite handy.

  3. It looks fantastic!! I am so happy for you!!

  4. Love the house! You guys did a great job!

  5. Whoa!! It looks so good! That kitchen is gorgeous. It belongs in a fancy home decor magazine. Great job!!